On this page you will find a variety of download-able files that I have made available to help you overcome some of the problems that you may encounter. I’ve included to types of boot disks. The first one is just a simple boot disk that will allow you to use your CD-ROM’s. The second one is a more complicated set of boot disks that have a wide variety of tools included to help you do more complicated tasks. This set also includes the utility Norton Ghost. These disk sets are available in two formats Ace, and Exe. In order to use the Ace format you will have to have a version of WinAce or something similar to extract the files. The Exe is a self extracting Ace file that walks you through making the disks. If you use the Ace version you will also need to know how to use the disk imaging software that is included in the archive. The CD-ROM image needs to be burned using your CD Burning software.

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